Historical Research

I’m at the pointy end of my fiction novel, towards the climatic scene where my main characters are about to reunite with an estranged family member.

I have done some research about old historical houses, set on a beautiful beach landscape, in a quiet country town.

In particular I am looking to describe a fairly haunted house, although there are residents in the house, it is supposed to give off a fairly old and aged vibe.

As a part-time author who only writes as a hobby with no training, I am really pleasantly surprised at the abundance of resources online to help you with writing for inspiration.

This particularly site I am thankful for-and no I will not copy a single word from this link, but will use it for inspiration in drawing my words.


2 thoughts on “Historical Research

  1. That's excellent. It's great to have such readily available resources at our disposal to draw inspiration from 🙂 thanks for sharing.


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