How to Come Up with Your Book Ending And Overcome That Last Bout of Writer’s Block

Hi All!

So I am at the knitty gritty end of my family drama novel, with no set WIP (yes its terrible but I will need some help with this, or I was going to wait until I was actually finished to think of a name that suited the novel tone)

Having written this novel since May 2014, I have written, re-written, edited, deleted, you name it, I have made changes to this book. I foresee making more changes when I have finished the book. Being my first novel, I’ve decided to just jump right in and do what I love: write. I haven’t taken any writing courses before, so my writing skills would definitely be raw.

I am learning as much as I can as I go along.

I am sad to have to say goodbye to my novel and end it, its been a big part of me for the best part of this year and I don’t know how to end it. I had so many possibilities of what to do, but I honestly do not know what is suitable.

Whilst scouring the internet and asking people on social media for advice I have gotten some valuable and genuine advice.

The things I have taken is:

-Think calmly and coolly: You have gone through all the effort, now is not the time to jump ship and avoid finishing it off. It can be intimidating to want to start another novel if you cannot think of the ending, but you have come all this way, why give up now? Its like running a hurdles race, you are coming first in a race for your novel but are you going to just abandon that last hurdle?

-Write, write write: This might sound lame but you just have to keep doing what you love doing, which is writing! Jot down whatever ideas you have. I literally did this yesterday, and only came up with two options, but after assessing what I did manage to come up with, I was satisfied with one of the two and now I have direction.

-Re-assess your novel: If you still cannot come up with an ending, summarise what has really happened so far in your novel. Is there a plot twist or cliffhanger that needs to be addressed? Will it affect the ending? Is there something that needs to be resolved?

-How you want to position your novel: The business aspect needs to kick in. Do you want to end your novel here? Or do you intend to turn your work into a sequel? You can leave the book at a cliffhanger (don’t make it too frustrating though, I hate books that leave me itching too much for the answers!) and then plan your sequel, or you can decided now that you want to end the book for good. In my case I have decided that I want to turn keep this novel a solo one.

Do you have any other suggestions or tips? I would love to hear-after all I am just an aspiring writer who peruses my time through books, Google and Twitter!

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